Still Midnight, Denise Mina


By Denise Mina (Orion)

368 pp, hbk

ISBN 978 1 4091 0052 2

 still midnight

Denise Mina’s new novel Still Midnight has the elements we expect from the author of the Garnethill trilogy:  a Scotland peopled with both unbalanced and sensitive criminals, family secrets and a strong female character who has personal complications and womanly frailties. […]

DI Alex Morrow of Glasgow’s London Road Police Station is a complex protagonist and a new heroine in contemporary crime fiction. By turns belligerent and ill tempered, empathetic and sensitive, she is recently promoted and ambitious with good reason to conceal her past connection with the criminal underworld. While her colleague, DI Bannerman, uses family links to pass through the ranks, easily gaining “promotion to DS while still in CID”, she “had to leave, go back into uniform, do the exams and then transfer back. Friendless, without a sponsor, she’d done it through merit.”

A recent family tragedy threatens to unravel her career plans and she works hard to stay one step ahead of her male colleagues.

“Bannerman and MacKechnie were off somewhere, probably scheming Bannerman’s golden future. But she was here on the ground, fitting facts and impressions together to make her own picture, making sense of the fractured night, godlike, forming order from chaos.”


You can read the full review in the Times Literary Supplement, 7 August 2009, No. 5549, p. 25