Reading Notes

Mostly unbookishness today, although I did read up on all the gossip in the hairdresser’s ‘library’ – why don’t they have books? Anyway, up to p. 220 on the re-read and Ferris is beginning to get under my skin. A book that I didn’t really connect to on the first read has grown into a compelling, assured story on the second read. Why is this? I’ve no idea. By now, nothing is a surprise. I know the outcome. I know what becomes of all the misery and heartache. For all that, in reading it for review, paying attention to all the nuances and party-pieces, the good bit is the thick fruit under all the ice frosting. To be honest, the icing is too sickly for me, ie the descriptive language is wearisome rather than delightful. The story, though, the gruelling path to the truth, is first rate.