Salt Publishing: Scottish Event

My recent literary gloom evaporated last evening during a triple-celebratory event hosted by The Scottish Poetry Library :-

10 yrs of Salt Publishing

20yrs of Salt Magazine

and the  official launch of Salt’s Scottish Office (based in Glasgow).

Relaxed and convivial, there was a refreshing lack of formal speechifying and self-congratulatory back-slapping, instead, the words were allowed to speak for themselves.

Chris Emery (Salt Publishing) with Eleanor Livingstone (StAnza Festival Director)

Ryan Van Winkle [2010 Crawshaw Prize-winner] read from his unpublished collection and sang about Bruce Springsteen and toast  and Wena Poon spoke of cakes and weddings and hope in her reading from  ”Mrs Chan’s Wedding Day’ (Lions in Winter).

From their strong Scottish list, Rob. A. Mackenzie (The Opposite of Cabbage),  Andrew Philip (The Ambulance Box) and Alexander Hutchison (Scales Dog) revealed the breadth and depth of Salt’s commitment poetry publishing. 

Salty Books

Donut interloper, Tim Turnbull (‘Stranded in Sub-Atomica’) added sugar to the saltiness.

 Lee Smith, Salt’s Production Manager, brought (but didn’t read from) an early copy of  Away from the City.

There was also wine and a free book.