Manuscript Monday

Finished a book that you’re just itching to submit? You could do worse than email it today to Pan Macmillan – hereafter called Manuscript Monday.

Every Monday between 10am and 4pm [Australia-time, that is] they are opening up the floodgates – giving the gatekeeper the day off –  and accepting unsolicited submissions direct.

It’s worth a try if you’re hoping to get published by a traditional publisher.

Manuscripts accepted for:-

  • Literary fiction and non-fiction, including genre fiction and short stories, etc – but not straight romance or poetry
  • Children’s books and Young Adult, including, novels and short stories but no picture books
  • Commercial non-fiction, including history, travel, memoir, etc

To give yourself the best chance of getting your manuscript read, remember to pay attention and comply with all their T&C.  Check carefully what they are looking for and how to format your manuscript and how much of it to send them.

Remember,  just because they have relaxed their submission rules, it doesn’t mean you should ever send out anything less than polished, perfect prose.

Here’s a link to the submission form and T&C page on the Pan Macmillan Australia website: –

Thanks to Australian writer, SJB Gilmour, self-published author of The Golden Mane fantasy series, for drawing our attention to this opportunity.

Let me know how you get on – did you submit? Are you thinking of submitting n the future?

Whatever you decide, I hope you have an inspiring writing week,


3 thoughts on “Manuscript Monday

    1. Fantastic news! All of which goes to show that, a) you never know what will happen unless you try and b) don’t submit unless you can back it up with the complete typescript.
      Well done you. Do keep me informed of your progress along the road to publication. Best wishes, Janette

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