Writers need Readers

Getting your book noticed is hard – whether self-published or published via traditional routes – writers need readers. But it’s tricky to get the balance right. If you shout about it too much, you’ll turn off potential readers, if you don’t promote your book, readers won’t find you.

It’s easy to get it wrong. I always ‘unfollow’ writers who annoy with, to be frank, highly embarrassing ‘buy my book’ posts and tweets. Engaging every day with readers on your blog, Good Reads, LibraryThing, Facebook, Twitter and now Google+ is time-consuming and a drain on your writing time and energy. But how else do readers find your book?

Huge publishers have resources [tho’ much diminished of late] with swanky websites and well-oiled publicity machines to promote new and back-list titles and it’s tempting just to follow their lead and do exactly the same thing.

That’s the problem. Small scale looks amateurish. Fresh ideas are much more effective. Independents and small publishers are good at getting the word out about new books. I love getting a postcard inside a Myriad Editions book – a handy bookmark that comes with a nice call to action to post a review on Amazon.

One self-published author who’s getting it right is J. J. Herbert – author of the self-published novel, Unconventional. Herbert is CEO and President at MindStir Media and he blogs about book publicity strategies, such as building your online writing platform and how to get your book reviewed on Amazon.

So far he’s garnered 75 Amazon reviews, 30 B&N reviews, 68 Good Reads ratings and 382 ‘to-read’ notes – so he’s doing something right.

  • Writers – How do you get your book noticed?
  • Readers – What makes you read a book?