Review: Lost Bodies, by David Manderson

Lost Bodies front coverDavid Manderson’s “remarkable” debut novel, Lost Bodies (Kennedy & Boyd) has a rare quality which takes it into two camps that critics usually keep apart- it’s both a literary novel and a compelling page turner and well worth adding to your reading pile if, like me, you’re beginning to turn away from genre-defined fiction and looking at new ways of telling stories.

In the Guardian Review last August in the pre-publicity surrounding  Umbrella, Will Self generated a good debate about “the failure of modernist fiction” and wrote about his anxiety in finding the right form. He ought to add Lost Bodies to his TBR pile.

I reviewed it for Northwords Now literary magazine – Autumn/Winter 2012 issue [here’s a link to the full text in the additional review section ].

and here’s a link to David Manderson’s Blog.

Wishing BookRambler’ readers a very Happy New Year.