The Big Idea: Nicola Griffith

Reblogging Nicola Griffith’s post on history, historical fiction, the absence of women from history and why she wrote Hild – which is heading from my TBR pile. I love Nicola’s blog on the book’s development from notes to book.


What do we think of when we think of history? For author Nicola Griffith, it’s a pertinent question, particularly for her latest novel Hild, which features a protagonist of no little historical import — but also no great historical record…


Just before I started work on Hild, I wrote “You’ve been warned,” a blog post in which I vowed that with my next novel I would run my software on your hardware. “I will control what you think and feel, put you right there, right then…give you a life you’ve never had, change the one you live. For a while, when you’re lost in my book, you will be somewhere, somewhen, someone else.”

It was my dagger in the table, a public challenge—to myself. You see, I’d been aiming for Hild for a long time, and I was terrified.


Inmy early…

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