Book Discoverability: Introducing Bookbridgr

Screenshot-2014-02-22-06.34.44-580x421One of the issues and main word that’s buzzing around the book world just now is ‘discoverability’ – how do publishers and authors get their books into the hands of readers? Not only that, but how do they find a reader who’ll ‘get’ it, fall in love with it, press it on friends, and tell the world about it?

As you know (or should have guessed by now), I’ll try anything once. So I was really pleased to be ‘approved’ on Headline’s latest book discoverability site called BOOKBRIDGR.

Advertised as ‘A resource for book-loving bloggers’ (is there any other kind?), users create a profile listing their preferred reading, share links (join their marketing list), read previews and proofs (in hard copy or kindle), and share their blogposts and book reviews and host writers on blog tours.

The site is the creation of the lovely people at Bookswarm  – 🙂