What I Talk About when I Talk About Books


This weekend is the sixth anniversary of the BookRambler blog; six years of blethering about books, events, authors, writing, and publishing. If you’ve followed from the beginning or just started – thanks for reading.

I’ve read some wonderful books I’d never have discovered, met intelligent, truthful, funny, witty, and wise writers, and listened to brilliant, entertaining writers speak with passion about writing and books.

And yet,

When I started blogging I wanted to read the books I wanted to read, and to say what I wanted to say about them. I wanted to be critical and analytical; hold writing to account.

another [six years] over, and what have you done?

This anniversary is a reminder and a call to action to the earlier me who wanted to write fearlessly.

I find the more I blog about books, the more reticent I am becoming about saying what I want to say. I’m holding onto the fear that I’m not saying the right thing; afraid of causing offence; holding back because of what people will think about me through what I say about books.

I realise that what I talk about when I talk about books is a barrier to breaking away from the fear.

So I’m putting us on notice. I’m on the look-out for writing that can stand up to critical scrutiny: books I want to keep on my shelf and re-read many times over. And I’m on the look-out for those times when I want to shy away from saying what I want to say.

Bold is the new black.